Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Like the Eye Doctor

These are my new shoes (and orthotics). The shoes are Asics Gel-Evolution 4. Awesome! I purchased them at Wasatch Running Center. It is the first time I've ever been fitted for sports shoes and it was incredible. I highly recommend it if you are into walking and/or running for distance. It was a lot like the going to the eye doctor.

First Glenn had me walk barefoot so he could check out the gait. Then he went to the back and found several pairs of shoes. First pair go on and then some more walking and some running. Then Glenn takes off the right shoe, puts on a different one and we repeat the running. "Which feels better: right or left?" Then the less comfortable shoe comes off and another goes on. Repeat. Very reminiscent of "Which is better? One or two?" that you get at the eye doctor!

Then the tryout of orthotics. And the difference they make in the arch support.

There is no charge for the service and the shoes are the MSRP. So, no, you're not getting a sale deal, but the customized fitting is well worth it. In addition, the shoes are returnable for 30 days as long as you don't wear them outside. Fair enough!

Now if I could just get Glenn to follow me around and lace up my shoes for me every walk/run!

Happy running!


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