Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's So Much Harder

I really, really want to run outside and feel the breeze. But I end up walking I most of the way. I know it takes time and patience. Time I have lots of; patience not so much!

This evening I decided to walk to my office mate's house for her Lia Sophia party. It's only a little more than a mile away. I have purchased the book Beginning Running and the first workout seemed so easy on the page: run 1 minute walk 2. I thought that would be a breeze going to Jenn's. I couldn't even run the full minute. On a treadmill I can do much more. And there is absolutely NO incline; it could not have been flatter terrain.

According to the Garmin (which I didn't know how to reset) it was a 2.31 miles to Jenn's and back. So I did get something done today.

And on the weight loss front--Two Perfect Days on Atkins! I even resisted the brownies at Jenn's tonight. I did bring one home for Big Guy. AND I was able to leave work before the drug rep brought in doughnuts. I know I would have caved.

Do you think I can run the Race for the Cure on a treadmill? Just asking!

Happy running!


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