Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 4 and 5

The diet is fairly easy now that I'm used to it. Today was a little harder because a vendor brought in Chik-Fil-A cinnamon rolls today. They smelled so good. And I finally caved and ate one little tiny piece.

Today was mostly a protein day--four of the six meals were strictly protein. I got all four protein meals down and one fruit meal for a total of just over 1000 calories--the highest I've eaten in this process. Just goes to show that protein sources are generally higher in calories than vegetables.

In my e-mail today there was a "flyer" from Famous Dave's advertising their Que for Two meal. It looks so good. My first thought was: "I'll get it to go this weekend." Then I remembered, no way. There are "cheat" days built into this diet but not until day 11, which isn't this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, being a stress eater if I can make it through this weekend I can probably make it through anything.


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