Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ages and Ages

It's been ages since I updated. In a lot of ways I've had a very rough summer.

Two weeks ago I re-started The Couch to 5K Running program. I did this two years ago but as soon as I could run 30 minutes without stopping I quit running. Self defeating behavior? When you're my age two years is a blink of an eye for the mind but much more than that in the ability of the body!

I've found lots of fun blogs which are very inspirational. Oh She Glows is the one I spent (literally) all last night and all today reading. She just started posting at the end of October 2008, but she posts every day and most days more than one post (which I love). I found her blog by looking for Green Monster Smoothie recipes. Angela is inspirational in her motivation and motivating of others. There are contests galore on her site. She also has an online bakery but is generous with sharing her recipes.

But back to the running. Actually it's not all that hard this time around. I hope I haven't called down the evil eye by writing that, but it's true. Even though I haven't exercised all summer the last two weeks haven't been the killer I expected. At least not physically. I'm actually looking forward to doing the training runs; there really is an (addicting) endorphin rush. Today was a run day, but since I was up until 6 a.m. reading and then slept until noon I've not been up to it. So tomorrow I will do Day 3 of Week Two. And Tuesday I'll start Week Three. Technically not supposed to run two days in a row, but I have to make an exception this week to be able to keep next week on track. Because:

My little boy comes home from California to spend the long weekend with me! I don't want to be having to "train" while he's here since he'll just be here a little over 72 hours.

This week I have some challenges for myself:
Drink one green smoothie per day
Do some form of exercise (Jillian Michaels' Thirty Day Shred?) even on the days I don't "train"
On "training" days finish off the run by doing the Fat Burn mode on the treadmill until I've exercised one hour
Get at least seven hours of sleep/night

These should be doable. They are small goals to attain the larger picture: a healthier body and mind. I tell you, the Fat Burn mode on the treadmill at my gym is awesome! I bought the heart rate monitor (Polar) which interacts with it. The 'mill adjusts the incline and speed to keep the heart rate in the fat burning mode. I did find a lazy way to exercise. Sometimes laziness is just efficiency in disguise.

Happy Running!


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